Going Through a 14-Week Company Builder

How I tried (and failed) to build a VC-backable startup in 3 months

Entrepreneur First ('EF') is a company builder that invests in individuals 'pre-team, pre-idea' to create new technology startups. Every year, they run two cohorts consisting of people are looking to turn their ideas/research into a startup, and are looking for a co-founder with the complementary skills. 3 months later, teams pitch in front of an investment committee ('IC') in hopes of securing seed funding.

This program was an interesting change of pace for me. As a product designer, I was used to turning defined business requirements into actionable designs to move the product forwards with. Yet, the program encouraged us to spend less time in front of our screens, and more time going out and talking to potential customers. This was a chance for me to drop the wireframing and instead figure out what should we build and why.

My Role & The Team

Founder in Residence

Team of 1 designer and 1 engineer


Jan - Apr 2019

  • User Research
  • Idea Validation
  • Prototyping