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Prototyping and pitching at a blockchain hackathon

Back in June 2018, EOS ran a global hackathon series, kicking off with Hong Kong. This was going to be my first hackathon ever, and I went in not knowing what to expect. There was an infectious atmosphere of energy and excitement among the crowd of 350 people, with some people having flown in from all around the world.

I attended the hackathon with my colleagues and was excited to get started. We were a team of 5 people, consisting of 2 software engineers, 2 from sales/marketing, and myself (designer/developer). This is my reflection of what ended up being a crazy 30-something hour sprint.

My Role & The Team

Product Designer

Team of 1 designer and 2 engineers


June 2018 (Weekend)

  • User Research
  • Wireframing
  • Visual Design
  • Front-end Development